Inter University Center, Dubrovnik






I n t e r n a t i o n a l   C o u r s e

M I N D  A N D  B R A I N  I I

List of lecturers (in alphabetic order) and lecture titles: 

Peter Illes:
1. Mind and Brain in psychiatry
2. A historic survey of the Mind-Brain problem
3. Intercultural Approach to the Mind-Brain-Problem

Hans Lassmann:
1. Brain: structure and function
2. How does the immune system interact with the brain: Implications for normal function and disease

Helmut Moritz:
1. Natural and artificial intelligence
2. Introduction to the computer language LISP with application to Goedel's and Turing's theorems

Mitja Perus:
1. Neural and quantum networks, and the problem of consciousness
2. Network models for visual perception and consciousness
3. An attractor network model of the brain-mind ''interaction''

Zdravko Radman:
1. The life of the mind: Where does the integration come from?
2. Brain/Mind: circularity and beyond

Zvonimir Sikic:
Goedel's theorems, man - machine equivalence and evolution (2 lectures)

Selma Supek:
1. Functional brain imaging: insight into a neuronal basis of intelligent 
2. Dynamic neuroimaging and its applications

Nenad Trinajstic:
1. The Mind - Body problem - A variety of approaches
2. Rational intelligence versus emotional intelligence